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Annouchka Brochet Vera Pavlovna Dreams or Endless Tea-drinking

She liked to eat whipped cream. A little caprice, a leftover from her bourgeois childhood. The pleasant clatter of dishes reminds her of the blessed petty bourgeoisie.
Gradual mutations have been almost unnoticeable to the eye. Once a severe beauty - it doesn’t take long until a dinner set represents nothing more than scattered glass splinters. Time is always imperfect and chinaware is very fragile. The bowl overfills and the empire falls down – the blissful Utopia turns out to be only a dream. Some people turned a blind eye to the world falling to pieces; others destroyed the world believing in a better future. The only thing that remains is to ask the perennial question “What is to be done?” *The installation is dedicated to the first russian feministic novel “What is to be done” by Nikolay Chernyshevsky, 1963